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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Full Certification

  • Independent Audit

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  • Project Task Management

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Can I download opposite review lists with the VAT refund program?

Yes, you can download the VAT refund counter reviews at any time.


Are VAT Return calculations in accordance with the notification?

Yes. VAT returns are calculated in accordance with the communiqué.


Are the downloaded and charged VATs in the format required by the Revenue Administration?

Yes, the lists are in the format requested by GİB.


Can I make multiple VAT refunds of the same taxpayer?

Yes, you can make any number of VAT refunds for the same taxpayer.


What is the full certification service?

It is the payment service that the taxpayer is based on the Turkish tax system statement basis. For this reason, the declarations made must be documented with their legal form and content.


What is the main purpose in full certification service?

To notify the taxpayers about the errors that may cause tax risks and to take precautions.


Can I download the full certification reports from the program?

Yes. You can create and download the full certification report. You can even include the countermeasure minutes in the report.


Tam tasdik programının avantajları nelerdir?

With the full certification program, you can quickly diagnose and correct false tax practices.


What is independent audit?

Independent audit is the study of proving the conformity and accuracy of the annual financial statement data of a business with the specified criteria.


Who needs independent audit?
  • Public or non-public capital companies
  • Financial institutions and banks
  • partnerships
  • Public institutions
What steps can I take with independent audit software?
  • Taxpayer information is added to the customers application
  • Audit team is determined and appointed to the taxpayer
  • Audit is planned
  • Audit is carried out
  • Audit report is prepared
Can I download independent audit reports from the program?

Yes, you can create and download an independent audit report.


Can I authorize common documents?

Evet. Ortak dökümanlarda istediğiniz kişiye yetki vererek, sadece yetkisi olan personelinizin dökümanı görmesine ve değişiklik yapmasına izin verebilirsiniz.

What document types can I save?

You can save the following document types.

  • Excel Worksheet
  • FLV
  • JPG Image
  • Text document
  • MP3
  • PDF File
  • Photoshop File
  • PNG Image
  • PowerPoint Slide File
  • RAR Archive
  • EXE
  • Word Document
  • ZIP Archive
Can I create different business projects for each taxpayer?

Yes. You can make project definitions for all of your taxpayers separately.


Can I have my team do their own work only?

Yes. By empowering you can ensure that your staff only see their own business.


Can I check what my team is doing?

Yes. With the Activities application, you can see the work of each of your staff together with their time and date.


Can I plan for myself and my team?

Yes, you can make your plans with calendar and kanban applications.


Is it enough to enter the information about the customers once?

Yes, it is enough to record your client's personal and company information in the customers application for once.


Can I record my phone calls with my customers?

Record my phone calls with my customers Yes.You can add the phone calls you have made with your customers to the calls application with the date and time, the person speaking, the reason for the call.


Can I create a future calendar for my visits to my customers?

Yes, you can create visit calendars with the Visits application.


Can I send bulk sms, bulk mail to my customers?

Yes. You can create e-mail templates and prepare sms texts via YMM software on the video. You can send mass mail and mass sms whenever you want.


Can I reuse bulk mails and bulk sms lists?

Yes, you can use the same list over and over again.


Can I create an invoice with foreign currency?

Yeah. You can create invoices in Turkish Lira, US Dollar, Euro and British Pound currencies.


Is there an e-invoice integration?

Yeah. Oditta infrastructure provides you with e-invoice integration support.


Can I order a recurring bill?

Yeah. You can place a repeat order for invoices that you make regularly.


Can I print an invoice?

Yes, you can print your invoice in accordance with the format of your invoice after making the necessary settings.


What jobs can I do with the personnel management software?

You can keep many information of company employees such as employee, permit, training, expenditure, performance with personnel management. You can also make internal announcements and create organizational charts.


Can I add inventory to my staff?

Yeah. You can add registered inventory on your staff.


What features can I use in your local Intranet application?

Thanks to the intranet, you can customize widgets such as employee promotion, quitting, joining, birthday, etc. You can also use many features such as weather, road conditions, exchange rates, news, articles.


Can I prepare an internal organization chart?

Yes. You can prepare your internal organization with the organization chart application.


Can I create new forms on my website other than standard forms?

Yeah. You can create new forms for you.


Can I change the contents of my website at any time?

Yes.You can add new content to your website from any platform with internet, update or delete your existing content.


With which application can I manage the forms added to my website?

You can manage the forms created on your website with the Web Forms application.


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